Compartment cabinet

Glossary - General information

Like the clothes locker, the metal compartment cabinet is used mainly for storing personal items, documents and valuables. It is an indispensable facility for schools, universities, swimming pools and other public buildings. Compartment cabinets are also used in companies and factories for protecting personal valuables from theft or dirt. In industry and production in particular, numerous materials such as hazardous materials and electronic components must also be stored and secured according to specific criteria. A metal compartment cabinet is ideal for this purpose, as it is space-saving and can be fitted with various locking systems.

Since it is lockable, the compartment cabinet is also referred to as a locker. LISTA offers maximum security lockers of the highest quality: depending on the application and use, a number of locking systems are available for the compartment cabinet including cylinder locks, locking systems for padlocks, coin deposit locks and combination locks to complete key systems. Like the complete range of LISTA cabinet systems, the compartment cabinet is made of high-strength steel for above-average durability and stability.

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Compartment cabinet
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