Hinged door cabinet

Glossary - General information

The steel cabinet with hinged door is a classic in workshop equipment. Hinged doors are usually opened from the centre of the cabinet in two directions for free and convenient access to stored items. In the workshop, hinged door cabinets are used mainly for storing tools, material and accessories. In the office, the metal hinged door cabinet is a popular filing cabinet.

Hinged door cabinets allow secure storage. Dangerous tools or confidential documents can also be reliably protected in a hinged door cabinet with appropriate locking system. LISTA offers hinged door cabinets with different locking system solutions. The range spans from the classic cylinder lock with key to the electronic locking system with RFID technology.

The LISTA hinged door cabinet can be individually equipped and configured as required. Hinged door cabinets are available with or without divider. Shelves, panels and drawers can be integrated and rearranged in increments of 25 mm. A comprehensive range of accessories and partition material includes clothes rails, pegboard, pull-out suspension filing frames, dividers and plastic boxes for clear and orderly storage of small parts.

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Hinged door cabinet
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