Roller shutter cabinet

Glossary - General information

The roller shutter cabinet is generally used as a filing cabinet. With a closed front and low space requirement, it is ideal for smaller rooms such as offices, etc. Roller shutter cabinets are perfect for space-saving and orderly storage of files, folders and documents. Unlike a hinged door cabinet, the roller shutter does not require additional space for opening.

However, a roller shutter cabinet not only facilitates the storage of files in office and administration: LISTA metal roller shutter cabinets are also ideal for use in the workshop and factory. With a robust steel carcass and smooth-running PVC castors, the LISTA roller shutter cabinet offers sufficient load capacity for tools and work material. In addition to being used as a filing cabinet, it can also be used as a tool cabinet.

LISTA roller shutter cabinets can be individually equipped with adjustable shelves, drawers, pull-outs, etc. They are available in different sizes, colours and designs. What's more, safety is guaranteed: the roller shutter stops at any height without the need for catches, an anti-finger-trap guard is integrated and the LISTA roller shutter cabinet includes a cylinder lock as standard to prevent unauthorised access to important documents, devices or materials.

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Roller shutter cabinet
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