Glossary - General information

In the narrower sense, healthcare is a collective term for all facilities, persons and processes involved in the organised provision of medical care and maintenance of health within a society. The most important people within the healthcare sector are registered doctors and hospitals as healthcare providers. Added to this is the provision of drugs by manufacturers, wholesalers and chemists as well as funding by health insurance companies.

In a wider sense, the term healthcare generally also includes medical and pharmaceutical research, as well as the entire health industry which, in addition to the manufacture and provision of drugs and medicinal products, also comprises the "second healthcare market" offering sports, fitness, wellness and tourism.

Consequently, healthcare is a complex and sensitive area in which high demands are placed on the workspace equipment. As one of the leading providers worldwide, LISTA offers a wide range of suitable products for the healthcare industry – from drawer cabinets to laboratory workstations through to heavy-duty shelving systems for archiving.

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