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Universal shelving like the LISTA Universal shelving L1006 is used in virtually every factory or warehouse. This is generally a shelving system consisting of several parts that slot into one another and can be individually configured. The modular design and diverse range of variants make it suitable for numerous applications. A shelving system can be several metres high and is generally made of metal or steel.

In order to support and store loads and storage items reliably, the LISTA Universal shelving L1006 includes the following components:

  • choice of steel shelf supports or closed side panels;
  • diagonal brace, horizontal brace, rear panel or grating for stiffening the construction;
  • numerous equipment components such as shelf, sloping shelf, divider, drawer pull-out, pull-out suspension filing frame, drip tray, etc.

All parts can be freely combined to provide high stability for supporting heavy tools or equipment. The LISTA Universal shelving system L1006 has a load-bearing capacity of 1000 to 2800 kg per shelving unit and, due to its clear and ergonomic design, is ideally suited to lean environments

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