Clothes locker

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Clothes lockers are used in all changing rooms, whether in swimming pools, sports halls or fitness studios. They are used in schools, universities and public facilities for storing clothes, books and other documents. Clothes lockers are also used in numerous companies for keeping work clothing and valuables under lock and key.
As a clothes locker, it must be robust and hard-wearing since it is opened and closed frequently. Clothes lockers from the LISTA system are therefore made of high-strength metal with particularly sturdy hinged doors mounted on fulcrum pins. And, more importantly, clothes lockers must lock securely. The LISTA clothes locker offers a variety of options, which include cylinder locks, coin deposit locks and padlock solutions, as well as complete key systems. In addition to standard interior fittings with hat rack, towel holder and clothes rack with coat hook, the LISTA clothes locker can be equipped with numerous extras, including housing with inclined top, legs or the matching bench.

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Clothes locker
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