Heavy-duty pull-out shelving System

Glossary – general information

Compared to the heavy-duty shelving system, the metal heavy-duty pull-out shelving system offers the added benefit of being able to store heavy loads conveniently and ergonomically on pull-out shelves. Depending on the version, a heavy-duty pull-out shelving system has a load capacity of several tonnes per shelf, making it suitable for safe and reliable storage of heavy items such as motors, machines, injection moulds, etc. The LISTA heavy-duty pull-out shelving system is capable of withstanding loads of up to 9 t per shelving unit and has an enormous load capacity of up to 1000 kg per fixed and pull-out frame, even with full extension. It is the ideal storage solution, irrespective of the weight of the storage item.

LISTA heavy-duty pull-out shelving systems are available in heights of up to 2.50 m. With the option of installing a crane or lifting gear, they can be installed to make optimum use of space and can also be operated easily and safely by one person. In addition to its function, flexible dimensions and individual equipment, the heavy-duty pull-out shelving system offers a clear economic advantage.

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