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ESD stands for electrostatic discharge. This means the flow of electricity between any two electrically charged objects. During discharge, a high electric current flows briefly between the objects. In addition to general hazards (fire, explosion, injury, etc.), ESD poses a risk of damage to electrical components and parts in an industrial production context.

Every company, area and workstation can be made ESD-safe to safeguard against ESD. ESD-safe equipment ensures that components at risk of ESD are not exposed to any electrostatic discharge. ESD equipment developed by LISTA comes with a specially developed coating (ESD coating) that dissipates charges in a controlled manner, thus preventing electrostatic discharge.

To guarantee maximum protection against ESD, ESD equipment by LISTA encompass all workspace equipment:

- ESD workbenches and workstation systems

- Superstructures, lamps and storage containers with ESD protection

- ESD assembly trolleys

- ESD desk chairs

- ESD drawer cabinets

- ESD drawer storage walls

- ESD cabinet systems

- ESD shelving systems

- ESD partition material

The LISTA system allows all ESD components to be configured and combined as required, ensuring that every ESD area can be set up to meet individual requirements and criteria.

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